Venti d’Arte now runs the Town Hall Gallery offering contemporary artistic venues


Barga has finally become an important location for many local and international artists where you can admire various art exhibitions.

Young and enthusiastic cultural realities have contributed to the enrichment of new artistic and cultural projects like for example “Venti d’Arte” that now runs the Town Hall Gallery offering the visitor a renovated environment and various contemporary forms of art as you can see from the calendar below:

From 9th to 17th August Paolo Sebastiani in line with extreme decorative purism proposes elegant and suggestive curls which recall the Art Decò period.

From 21st to 28th August Riflessi_oni”, a photographic exhibition by Giorgio Franchi. A multitude of reflections of Nature in the water that play with reality and fantasy.

From 1st to 14th September Barga hosts the International Roman artist Massimo Catalani. A marble totem to protect the sea-beds will be sculptured live in Piazza Angelio in the heart of Barga. The finished sculpture will then be placed in the underwater city in Talamone to stop trawl-net fishing. Works that form part of the project “La Casa dei Pesci” will be exhibited in theStanze della Memoria” and the Town Hall Gallery.

From 19th to 28th September “Invisible city” by Keane. A project that foresees an inseparable bond of art and music in the contemporaneity of man and the great conurbations.

Town Hall Gallery Via di Borgo 18

Free Entrance


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