Casa d’Italia TV documentary


The following information has been received from the BBC. Hopefully someone can help make this a programme to remember.“You will be pleased to hear that the filming for our Italian Communities programme has gone very well and it is in the final process of being edited. We do not have a transmission date as yet but we will let you know in due course. We are assuming that it will be early 2009 on BBC ALBA digital channel 168.
“We did some filming at the Casa d’Italia and I was wondering if you would be able to help me with something? We are looking for some archive, some old pictures of the building in ‘full swing.’ Maybe people dancing in the hall or just something that will show the social aspect of the place. Anything that will show the ‘buzz’ that surrounded the club. If you could let me know if you have anything or know where I could find anything this would be most useful. Thank you for all your help and I look forward to hearing from you. Anne Morrison.”
Let’s look through the old albums and help Anne complete her programme. She can be contacted at or 0141 249 9999.

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