Pegnana festival & Beer evening “A tutta birra”



Località Al Piano – Pegnana

24-25 June – 30 June,1 and 2 July

20-03 Friday, 20-24 Saturday, 12-15 and 20-24 Sunday

One of the first Barga gastronomic festivals is the traditional Pegnana Festival organised by the Pegnana Village Committee. The 2017 edition will be held on the last weekend in June and the first in July. The Festival is now at the 32nd edition and here you can discover this enchanting mountain area at the foot of the Apennines and is worth visiting to taste the delicious local food like various pasta dishes, grilled meat, fried dough, special chestnut crepes filled with ricotta cheese and many other specialities. On Friday 30th of June the Pegnana Beer Festival “Pegnana a Tutta Birra a special evening dedicated to the young with food, music and deejay.

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