My tastes from Italy: Calabria & Basilicata



In ancient times Calabria was a Greek colony, called Magna Grecia (big Greece). Artefaets from this period are housed in beautiful, modern museums. To see the best art of the classic Greek period, visit the Museum of Reggio Calabria, where the wonderful statues of “Bronzi di Riace” are displayed. From Calabria to Greece there is only two hours sailing. But, it is very difficult to leave Calabria, so warm and quiet with its clean and tourist-free sandy beaches! On the East coast these beaches are not organized and there is nothing to do, apart from relax. Like in the desert, don’t move, close your eyes, and float between land and sky.


1 kg broad beans

1 tomato

200 g of your favourite short pasta

50 g grated pecorino cheese (if you don’t have use parmesan)

grated pepper

Cook the broad beans in boiling water. When they are quite cooked, add sliced onions and sliced tomato. Cook for 5 minutes. Drain and mix the ingredients. Put them in a saucepan with oil, pepper and pecorino cheese. Cook for another few minutes. Serve with a little oil on the top. If you like nouvelle cuisine, mix the vegetables with 50 g. of kitchen cream. If you don’t, serve with a little chilli oil on top. No Calabrese can resist chilli oil.



The monuments of Basilicata are the “Sassi di Matera” (stones of Matera). Originally the inhabitants lived in little houses excavated out of the mountain, one on top of the other, with no water or power. Now some of these caves are restored and sold to famous people. You may visit them by yourself or with a tourist guide, who will explain to you the history of the village. It doesn’t seems possible that while the powerful sun of Southern Italy shines on the white stone houses, you can experience the cool air inside with a jumper over your shoulders!

At the Metaponto archaeological site you can visit the remains of the School of the great philosopher and mathematician Pythagores. After this, go to Maratea to have a bath, one of the most beautiful fisherman’s village of Italy.


800 g fresh cod fillet

50 g sultana grapes

100 black olives

1 onion

1 tablespoon of tomato sauce

1 glass of white wine

Put the sultana grapes in warm water for 15 minutes. Brown the onion in a large saucepan with oil. Add the fish fillets and cook for 10 minutes, turning once. Pour on the white wine. Cut the olives and put on the fish. Add tomato sauce, sultana grapes, salt and pepper. Cook for few minutes and serve the fish with the sauce on top.

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