Charity walk with your friends – Catagnana to Sommocolonia


Charity walk with your furry friends organised by Arca della Valle and the Sommocolonia Committee.
Enjoy a beautiful walk in the company of your friends and dogs along the dirt track from Catagnana to Sommocolonia. The walk takes about an hour and is suitable for everyone and you can admire beautiful views of the valley immersed in nature. On your arrival at the charming village of Sommocolonia you will be welcomed by the local people and can taste delicious home-made traditional local dishes, cakes and wine. The Charity walk will take place on Sunday 22nd September and has been organised by two local associations to raise money for animals in need and promote the Sommocolonia Museum project
You can take part in the fund-raising walk and food and wine tasting event by subscribing at the Arca della Valle stand at 10 am in the main square in Catagnana next to the Parish Church. The walk starts at 10.30 am. Lunch will be served in Sommocolonia at 12.00. For information contact 347 2590283 (English speaking). If it rains the event will be postponed to the following Sunday 29.09.

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