Night market in Barga


Keep yourself free on Wednesdays because the “Mercatino Sotto le Stelle” is back for the summer. This market under the stars will be held in the Giardino area, the usual designated location for this traditional event.
This is an expanded street market rather than a fair, where you will find any kind of goods, especially artisan products. Even if you are not a shopping maniac, you will surely enjoy the jolly atmosphere and strolling through the streets. The next dates for the market will be 17th, Thursday 25th and 31st July and 7th August.
This year, as an exception, the market will be held on a Thursday (25th July) instead of Wednesday (24th July) due to the traditional Saint Rocco’s procession held the previous night.
In conjunction with the night market, there will also be the “Bisteccata Sotto le Stelle”, a steak-feast that has become traditional by now. This gastronomic event is organised by ASD (amateur sports association) Sacro Cuore Calcio, together with the shops located in Mordini Street. The dates for the Bisteccata are 31st July, 7th August and 10th August.
Moreover, as usual, there will be a crêpe stand, managed by Misericordia del Barghigiano, located in Saint Rocco square.
Every year this event calls the attention of thousands of people, turning the Giardino area into a lively setting.

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