The Wheat Threshing Festival, San Pietro in Campo


The Wheat Threshing Festival, now at its 8th edition, has become an important local annual event that recalls an essential part of the peasant farmer’s life of the past. A whole day dedicated to tradition where you can experience rural wheat threshing methods and means from a 1911 steam-engine run thresher to threshing with a belt. A colourful and unique parade of agricultural machinery and tractors from the Vintage Tractor Committee of Lucca Province followed by decorated carts and people in costume will leave the Barga Football Stadium at 11 am and you can follow it to San Pietro in Campo just in time for a delicious lunch of home-made spelt soup and maccheroni, roast meats and vegetables.

After lunch you can create your own scarecrow with materials at your disposal and at 15.30 enjoy the wheat threshing event.
At 19.30 dinner is served accompanied by music and dancing.
On the same day you can take part in the Chair Art exhibition organized by Martin Galloway which gives you the chance to express your creativity with a common everyday object like a chair.
For information contact San Pietro in Campo Committee: 349 2516088

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