Festival in Pegnana


Summer has started, and so have all the rustic gastronomic festivals. The classic Sagra of Pegnana (which has now reached its 28th edition), will be opening the series of gastronomic events, thanks to the local council.
The festival will be all about grilled meat, music and ballroom orchestras and will be held on the last weekend of the month (29th and 30th June) and on the following one (6th-7th July). The sagra will be located in Piano, between Pegnana Alta and Pegnana Bassa, right close to the Apennines. All the attention goes to the high quality of the food served and to the hard work done and passion showed by the local council, which will use the funds to support its own activities.

On 28th June at 9pm, the traditional procession of San Pietro will open the festival. The procession will start from the church of Pegnana and then reach Piano to end celebrating Mass.
Last but not least, the 4th edition of “Pegnana a tutta birra” will entertain youngsters with an evening of disco music on 5th July.
Pegnana is waiting for you, do not miss this out!
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