My tastes from Tuscany

- di Brunella Ponzo

My tastes from Italy: Lombardia & Liguria

Brunella Ponzo presents her cookbook called “Tastes from Italy” where he collected many of the most delicious and traditional recipes of Italian cuisine. Each week we will post two regions, this week we start with Lombardy and Liguria. Brunella in addiction to writing successful cookbooks she is pleased to present he new ebook text entitled “The strange case of Albert Dona” which will be available on but also on Amazon, Kobo and Apple store. Enjoy the read. INTRODUCTION This book was inspired by my life in Tuscany and, above all, in Barga. I live in an old house on the hills surrounding the little town of Barga, in the Lucca territory, but I come from Piedmont, a region in the North West of Italy, where food is an important element of the traditional culture, as it is in Tuscany. I am married to a winemaker, Saverio. My husband has worked in the area of Chianti Classico for seven years…

- di Brunella Ponzo

My tastes from Italy: Piemonte & Valle d’Aosta

PIEMONTE Piemonte is my native land. Enjoi a visit to Turin in Springtime, when you can breath the clear alpine air. This elegant city, situated on the Po river, was the seat of Italian Kings for 400 years. The Egyptian Museum, second only to the one in Cairo, is definitely worth a visit. But Monferrato is my land. I remember the white truffle markets between Asti and Alba, on foggy days, with the aroma of roasted chestnuts in the air. In this region many great wines were born from steep vineyards surrounding austere castles. The premier is Barolo, the wine of kings. From here I propose to you a shocking garlic recipe. The day after bagna cauda, please, go for a walk, far away from society! Anyway, it is a worthy culinary experience, and once you have tried it you will do it again. BAGNA CAUDA 200 g salted anchovies 200 g garlic 2 cups of milk 3 dl oil…