The Mercantidarte and their audience are in favour of the Association “The Dream”


An applause to the Mercantidarte who , with one of their last parts in the programme of the theatre “Welcome to the Gori residence” , they collected quite a sum of money for the charity of The Onlus Dream of Castelnuovo, sharing their event with the World Day for the Awareness of Autism.

Thanks to the generosity of the spectators, 450 euros was collected to which another 100 euros was given by the group in favour of the Association – The Dream – that helps children with special needs and handicapped and their families through creative and therapeutic assistance.

This is an important mission which needs everyone’s help and which the Mercantidarte have known how to guide. This company is not new for their acts of such sensitivity. Over the years, every performance has had at least one evening dedicated to collecting funds in favour of actual associations in the area, situations of great need. These Mercantidarte have this wonderful habit which must be shared and valued. Well done.

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