“Barga-Scotland”. The story of Adrian and Susan Pieraccini.


A pinch of Barga also in the British edition 2014 of Masterchef: The professional, a competition dedicated to professional chefs, while the Italian version on Sky is for amateur chefs only.

The winning chef is Jamie Scott and his connection to Barga is due to the fact that Scott is sous chef of the well-known restaurant Rocca a St. Andrews in Scotland run by the “Bargo-scozzese” Adrian Pieraccini and his wife Susan.

The victory of his collaborator at Masterchef: The Professional on BBC, is without a doubt another important acknowledgment that underlines the quality of the catering business run by the Pieraccini family in Scotland and of the brilliant career in this sector. Another excellent representative of hard-work and professionalism that distinguishes the many “Bargo-scozzesi” families.

Adrian started his career in Inverness where he ran high-level restaurants and the Rocpool hotel that won “The best small Hotel in the UK” award for 3 consecutive years. He and his wife are now considered to be one of the best restaurateurs in Great Britain. They have acquired a wide experience in the catering business from Inverness to Dubai and they have always been acknowledged for their high quality and refined dishes.

Adrian and Susan now run the Rocca Restaurant in St. Andrews on the grounds of the most prestigious golf club in Britain. Our mutual friend Michael Biagi guarantees that you can eat a delicious mix of traditional Scottish dishes combined with Italian cuisine accompanied by the best Italian wines.

They have recently opened a new restaurant in Edinburgh for a prestigious chain of hotels. Adrian and Susan Peraccini were contacted for their “know how” to guarantee style and quality to the new restaurant. The company involved has invested 500.000 pounds in the renovation which indicates the high trust and respect in Adriano.

Adrian has strong connections with Barga as he studied at the Catering School in Massa together with our local chef Riccardo Orsucci, while his father Henry and mother live Castelvecchio Pascoli. Adrian and Susan spend their holidays in their villa in Piangrande.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea if the Town Hall of Barga awarded Adrian and Susan in the next edition of “San Cristoforo d’oro” as, without a doubt, Adrian Pieraccini is an honour for Barga in Scotland.

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