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- di Sonia Ercolini

Argentina and Giovanni Pascoli

A delightful evening under the shooting stars of San Lorenzo in the garden of Casa Pascoli dedicated to Argentina and the poetry of Giovanni Pascoli. The poet Pascoli, who spent the last 17 years of his life here, was fascinated by the emigration phenomena and wrote many pieces on this theme during his writing career. He collaborated with the Argentinian magazine “La Prensa” for many years and in the summer of 1908 he wrote the article “Meditations of a solitary Italian” that caused a scandal at the time. He continued to write on emigration in the famous poem “Italy”. The famous Italian actor Sergio Rubino will recite his poems accompanied by the passionate music of Astor Piazzolla (another emigrant from the Garfagnana area) played by the group Q5 Tango. Casa Pascoli – Castelvecchio – 10th August at 9 pm. Reservations only tel. 0583 766503 –info@fondazionepascoli.it

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