My tastes from Italy: Trentino Alto Adige & Friuli Venezia Giulia


The region is a fairytale landscape, surrounded by the famous Dolomite Mountains. They change colour at sunset, violet colours in the evening blue, while the austere medieval castles, like guardians, are preparing to watch over the valley during the night.
Trentino is well known for the green valley of the Adige river, along which orchards and vineyards are cultivated. The “Val di Non” is famous for Golden Delicious apples ….. the favourite of White Snow and the seven dwarfs! For sweetooths I suggest Apple Strudel. This typical cake is made in every family, and you can buy it in every bakery.
300 g bread (better stale)
1/4 l. milk
100 g bacon
50 g salami
50 g tasty cow cheese
2 eggs
50 g flour
1 tablespoon cut parsley
1 l. stock
Cut the bread into little cubes and place in a bowl of milk for few minutes. When the bread has quite absorbed the milk, squeeze it and prepare the sauce. Cut the bacon and salami and sauté in oil for 5 minutes. Remove and add the sauce to the bread. Add eggs, flour, cheese’s cubes, salt, pepper and parsley. Amalgamate into a homogeneous dough. Roll with your hands into apricot-size balls. Drop them in boiling stock and remove when the canederli float. Serve with their stock.
The area is characterised by mountains in the North and by plains in the South. Here you will found white maize fields bordered by white poplars and church bell towers. In the area of Carnia, up in the mountains, people have a naturalistic knowledge of wild herbs. Women, there called “mule”, pick the herbs from the border of the bushes to make their food “greener”. From April to September many baskets hang from the beams of houses, allowing the herbs to dry.
The main square of Trieste is one of the most romantic in Italy. Sit outside an old café and you’ll feel the history of the town flow in front of you. The “bora” wind can blows at 120 kilometres an hour! But it is a good wind, bearer of creative cultural impulses.

100 g filleted herrings
1 onion
1 kg pumpking
1 ½ kg stock
4 toasted slices of bread
25 g fresh cream
crushed almonds
Cut the pumpking into cubes and boil into stock with the chopped onion. Mix the ingredients to obtain a cream and put it in a bowl. Bake the filleted herrings in the oven. When they are cooked, cut them into cubes and mix with the cream. Form gnocchetti (cherry-size balls) with 2 little spoons. Heat the pumpking cream and serve with gnocchetti inside on slices of toasted bread. Pour crushed almonds on top.

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